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Professional Sales Representative

About Me

I want to offer my considerable experience conducting complete sales calls in physician offices and at hospitals to help a company exceed their sales goals, build long-term relationships, and eventually move into management to train and motivate a team of others to contribute their talents, too.

My Skills

  • Consultative Selling
  • Teamwork
  • Product Launch
  • Web Design
  • Marketing
  • Account Management
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My Education

Personality Insights - 2017


The goal is to improve communication by increasing one's self-awareness and recognize strengths and weaknesses to appreciate what they share in common with others and respect the differences.

Houghton College



Houghton College molded me into a serious student and shaped my character to be honest, bold, and determined to live a meaningful life.

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  • 2017 - 2018
    Gracestone, LLC
  • 2011 - 2017
    Executive Sales Representative
    Novartis Corporation
  • 1997 - 2010
    Senior Professional Sales Representative
    Alcon Laboratories

My Success Stories


In 2003, Fairfield County, CT was the worst performing sector of CT, and of my territory which included Westchester County, NY, as well as the rest of CT. When I took over the territory, I expected the opposite. We were the luxury brand. We were the highest quality brand. We were the brand that most educated people would purchase because of our reputation, performance, and marketing. But the wealthiest, most educated part of my territory was steeped in the competition's inferior brand. A product that got very little respect anywhere else! I started developing relationships with a group of doctors who operated a private and exclusive eye doctors club called "IDOC." And I developed a particularly positive relationship with Dr. Roberts. His respect for me grew out of the fact that I studied my brand compared to others and understood the detailed science of all the products. As a result of winning him over to my brand, he got me an audience with the twenty-two members of IDOC. And I learned that their biggest objection to making a solid recommendation for a brand was they felt they made no money on it. I examined market dynamics at retail; I dug into our company's strategy and philosophy that had drawn them out of supporting doctors' sales efforts. And then I examined IDOC's philosophy. They were a progressive group whose focus on on their brand: the most educated, qualified, and profitable team of professionals on the East Coast! That was their brand. But they had no way of taking that message into the world of Contact Lens Care Products because they made no profit. What was interesting, however, was Alcon had much more to offer them than CL solution. We owned the patents on four of the most successful pharmaceutical eye products in history. I arranged a meeting and made a proposal: If they would be willing to take a serious look at our brands, we would reward them with two dollars for every kit of Opti-Free they gave to a new cl patient or a patient returning for a cl exam that used a competitive brand. After a half hour or so of negotiation and overcoming objections and logistical concerns, IDOC agreed. Within two years, Fairfield County had not only completely turned around, completely converted to our brands from top to bottom, IDOC started to grow rapidly as an organization. by 2008, they were a nationwide organization and our contract expanded when they expanded. We not only crushed weaker, less capable products, but we became the flagship brand across all demographics nationwide! And I'm the one that signed the original 22 doctor agreement. Today, IDOC is a multi-million dollar national network that delivers the highest quality education and service in the eye care industry.